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Life is Too Short for Boring Workouts Alone and Short Term Results.


Life is full of long workdays, unexpected roadblocks and everyday challenges. It is these things that take up our time and keep us from getting what we really want – to be in great shape, be confident and for your body to do what you ask of it.

You have tried to work out by yourself or maybe you’ve tried every program and supplement out there but continue to be frustrated with hitting plateaus, wasting time at the gym not knowing what to do and not being able to reach the levels of fitness you want.

At Port City Training and Fitness our friendly, world-class trainers will eliminate the guesswork in your workouts, coach and guide you through challenging (but really fun) workouts. We will provide the perfect combination of coaching and accountability so that you can focus on what matters most - YOU.


Results Driven

We are about delivering focused and purposeful workouts. Everything is scalable whether you're new to training or a seasoned athlete, or even somewhere in between. 

Stay Engaged

We offer check in's and assessments to track your progress and help you through some of the challenges that come along with the territory. You'll never feel like you are alone on your fitness journey.

Have Fun

We know that there are times where fitness hasn't been fun. Our inclusive community ensures that you have as much fun as possible while still seeing major results.

We know you have questions?


  • Am I fit enough to start with everyone else?
  • Do I have the time to commit to my health?
  • Can I afford it? 
  • How do I get started?
  • Will I see results?

We're ready to help


- Join our always growing community

- Have fun while working out

- Build confidence

- Create lifelong healthy habits

- Feel Physically and Mentally Better


First Class Is On Us  

What are your goals?


We know that when it comes to reaching your fitness goals, it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Book your consultation today so we can create a plan for you. 



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Getting started is easy

Step 1


Talk with A Coach About Your Goals, your challenges and roadblocks, and Learn How Port City Fitness Can design the roadmap to your success and guide you along the way.


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Step 2

Start your training

You have defined your goals and you are ready to begin your journey! You’ll book workout sessions easily on our app, and enjoy the workouts with the best community of gym buddies you could possibly ask for!

Step 3


Once you nail the basics down you’ll become stronger, faster, develop better endurance and reach your goals before you know it!

Our Community

Great atmosphere. Trainers are excellent, informative and helpful. Great way to start the day! I have been a member for 7 months now and will probably attend for life.

Zac M (Member)

I have been a member since they opened almost 5 years ago and have had great results. Very positive environment with trainers that can modify exercises depending on your fitness level or physical limitations. The class sizes are small so you receive lots of individualized training. Great spot!

Mary 0. (Member)

I cannot express how amazing Port City Training and Fitness is; the work outs are incredible, the people are a supportive, delightfully fun and accepting group. Thank you for the wonderful community you have created.

Kristi S. (Member)


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Port City Training and Fitness

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