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Join the best self challenge - it will seriously change your life

Become stronger

Improve mobility

be your best self

The gym for people who hate gyms 

We are the gym that specializes in being the home away from home for the workout averse, and people who generally hate the gym.  Our mission is to make it the highlight of your day so you can have a blast while reaching your goals!

With our fitness, nutrition and accountability coaching, the sky is the limit!  All goals are welcome, as we tailor our challenge process based on where you're starting and what you want to achieve.  Our hope is you love the process so much that you continue for the long term.  We incentivize successful completion of our best self challenge by rewarding you with a membership discount after the challenge that makes the challenge free once it's all said and done. Book a no obligation consultation to discuss your wants and needs and to see if this is a good fit for you.


This program is ideal for people in a time crunch, our workouts are quick and effective, super easy and fast meal prep, and top notch accountability coaching to keep you on track and make sure you have the support you need to get it done!

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Our program is designed for all abilities and we love beginners! You do not need to come with any experience in the gym, just be ready to work hard!

Fully commit to the entire length of the program. We want participants who will see it through to the end!

Be ready to give your best effort in implementing our super simple our nutrition plan. The program does not work without your consistency and efforts. You WILL see results as long as you follow the plan.

Understand that all transformations are welcome. This challenge won't be solely about losing weight, and every may come with a different goal in mind. That's what makes this program unique!

Be willing to take before and after pictures so you're able to track your progress. Results don't only come from a scale, being able to SEE them will help keep you motivated.  We do NOT publish these without permission from the challenger

Have respect for your fellow class members, coaches, and the rules of the gym and come to each class with a positive attitude.  And be ready to have your mind blown that the gym can be fun AND can be the highlight of your day!